Agricultural Development

Rural Development Program

Since 2006, the NGO Abkhazintercont (AIC) actively works in rural areas to promote and develop the farm industry. This particular issue has become a recent topic after the Georgian parliament ratified the EU-Georgian Association Agreement, which gives the possibility to open markets between the EU and Georgia. AIC has developed a sector development concept and program, as a reference point for the implementation of social and economical activities. The program’s aim is to raise the qualification of people employed in rural areas, to provide consultations regarding new technologies and to improve the living standard of the targeted population.

Resources and technical possibilities that AIC offers in the field of rural development:

*  Specialists in agro-machinery, agro-tourism and agribusiness.

*  Farmer’s Resource Center (FRC) in Ambrolauri: Total space of 390 sqm. Conference room, library, agro-shop, and a variety of farmer’s consultation and office services.

*   Tsageri Resource Center: Total space of 110 sqm. Agro-shop and a variety of farmer’s consultation and office services.

*  Study and demonstrational plot – green house in the village Geguti, Tsklatubo municipality: Growing and processing vegetable and berry production (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry).

*  Publications on the topics: “How to start and strengthen an own business” (3 brochures on agriculture and agribusiness issues), and 18 brochures on livestock, fruit growing, and berry crops growing and processing.

The program’s aim is to promote a unified chain of rural production and services as well as a right strategy toward a healthy integration in the free trade area. Therefore, AIC is implementing the following services:

  • Provision of business administration trainings and education for the farmers, micro and small entrepreneurs;
  • Invitation of local and international experts in the fields of agriculture; organization of regional meetings for the local farmers;
  • Organization of entrepreneur’s visits to agricultural international exhibitions;
  • Arranging goods-sales exhibitions;
  • Organizing cross-visits (within and outside the country) and education visits to the demo-plots, which apply new technologies;
  • Provision of agricultural branch consulting services;
  • Promoting the development and strengthening of traditional sectors; introducing growing innovative sectors;

AIC produces and delivers publications to rural residents, such as news magazines, booklets and bulletins.