Message of the Chairman of the Board
“Care, Faith and Hard Work for the Welfare!”

   Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, The local NGO Abkhazintercont (AIC) is a public organization, which is registered in accordance with the Georgian laws in 1998 andsuccessfully works for more than 15 years in the civil society sector.
The establishment of our organization was led with devotionby people who were interested inovercoming the social and economic hardship of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) as well as contributing to the peaceful resolution of conflicts in Georgia.
The organization has always defended its position toward the government and other institutions regarding current radical transformations, reforms and development processes in the country. This is particularly the case when it comes to the development of civil society, protection of human rightsand strengthening the interests of our target groups, such as IDPs, farmers and other vulnerable persons.The basic principles of our activities areprofessionalism, care for the people, highquality of services, result-orientation and transparency.
We are actively workingin WesternGeorgia, mainly in the regions ofImereti, Racha-Lechkhumi and KvemoSvaneti, as well asSamegrelo. For instance, the economic development program successfully continues to support micro and small businesses in these regions, where poverty reduction and socio-economic integration in the local communities still are a priority. The income generation program became a profound measure that helps hundreds of beneficiaries to enhance their business.In the last decade, wealso productively launched agricultural development and support programs. In the high mountains and the lower zone of the regionsmore than 800 small farmers have been benefiting from our services, 345 were introduced to new technologies and more profitable fields in the agricultural sector. Furthermore, we effectively operate modern Farm’s Resource Centers (FRC) in Ambrolauri and Tsageri, providing consultations and various services for the local farmers. As is well known, social enterprises are becoming quite popular in Georgia. Therefore, two years ago our organization established a social enterprise in the village Geguti, Tskaltubo municipality, where we aresuccessfully growing and processing berry crops and vegetable products in an organic way. In our social enterprise agro-specialists and vulnerable families are employed.
External relations and partners have always played a very important role in the development and strengthening of AIC. Since 2010, weconductexchange visits and cooperate with organizations working in the same fields. Within Georgia, AIC is a member of theRegionalCivil SocietyNetwork (R-CSN) and the IDP network “Synergy”.
In the name of AIC and our beneficiaries I would like to express my deep gratitude toall donors, partners and colleagues who contribute to the success of the organization’s activities and its development.

With kind regards and in anticipation of joint future achievements!
Mr. Elbakidze
Chairman of the Board
Fund “Abkhazintercont” (AIC)