Supporting Micro and Small Business

Micro and Small Business Support Program

Due to the mission of the fund Abkhazintercont (AIC),the organization gives priority to the improvement of the economic conditions of the IDPs and the local vulnerable population,to increase revenues and involve them in micro and small business. The organization has published 4 brochures “How to Start and Strengthen Our Own Business.” AIC has employed more than 2800 vulnerable locals and IDPs. It has established more than 20 small enterprises.
Program goal:
Fostering to support the employment and self-employment of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and local vulnerable people in small businesses, in farming and in sustainable income-generating activities. Introducing new technologies and improving economic conditions by providing beneficiaries with vital opportunities of living conditions.
• Conducting training-seminars on small business basics;
• Providing individual and group consultations on business plan preparation;
• Issuing concessional loans to support micro and small business;
• Fostering attendance on vocational trainings and employment;
• Providing services to the private companies and individual entrepreneurs, support to technical development of the organization, support to establish an entrepreneur culture in the country;
• Providing consultations and educational trainings for farmers employed in agricultural sector in using new technologies, in planning and developing of their own farms;
• Organizing visits on international exhibitions and meetings.