Supporting and strengthening IDPs

As a result of 1992-1993 Georgian-Abkhazian and  2008 Georgian-Ossetian conflicts in the country, internally displaced persons (IDPs) appeared facing sever challenges. The primary purpose and mission of the fund Abkhazintercont (AIC) as a civil society organization, was improving the social-economic conditions of IDPs, thus providing sustainable self-reliance and healthy integration. At present, IDP community faced the same challenges as the majority of the Georgian population. At the same time, IDPs have specific problems that require special approaches.

The program goal:
Providing essential skills for IDPsso as to promote their participation in public life, in decision making process, in cooperation with local authorities to resolve their own problems; support IDPs socio-economic integration.
The program objectives are:
*    Support new opportunities, approaches and initiatives based on the needs of IDPs ;
*    Providing  IDPs youth with the necessary skills and information thus assisting them in the choice of professional orientation and new job places;
*    Strengthening IDPs with legal mechanisms to cooperate with the local government;
*    Improving communication with state agencies, activating them in conflict transformation and peace-keeping initiatives;
*    Mastering necessary skills required for employment, promoting and fostering their social and economic integration;
*    Creating preferential business environment to actively involve IDPs in social life, providing education in small business and administration issues.